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The SEO Association publishes a Directory of SEO Professionals who have voluntarily agreed to comply with the SEO Code of Ethics and best practice guidelines. Should you suspect that an SEO Professional is practicing outside of the best practice guidelines, please report this to us so that we can investigate. Any listed companies who are found to be practicing outside of these guidelines may be reported to the SEO Association for investigation.

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  • Company’s contract the services of SEO Professionals at their own risk.
  • Please note that the SEO Association is only able to remove its endorsement of an SEO Professional. We are unable to enforce any legal action upon the individual or company.
  • The SEO Association will not participate in any dispute resolutions in respect to any disagreements between a client and a registered SEO Professional.
  • We will investigate the suspected violation and should the registered member be found in violation of any of the best practice guidelines, the SEO Association will issue a warning. Should the member continue to violate the code of ethics, then the Association reserves the right to remove the member from its directory and the member will no longer receive endorsement. 
  • The SEO Association reserves the right to publish any violations on its website in order to protect the trade globally.

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