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Objectives of the SEO Professional Services Association

  • Promote best practice guidelines and code of ethics for Search Engine Optimisation Professionals.
  • Provide a platform in which SEO Professionals or Organisations who are not implementing best practices can be identified and encouraged to adopt best practice guidelines to protect the SEO Profession.
  • Inform companies of what SEO Professionals do and what should be expected from SEO Professionals.
  • Educate companies on the practice of SEO and what questions should be asked when seeking out Professional SEO services.
  • Offer an advisory service to companies needing interpretation or clarification of SEO terminology or practices presented to them by SEO Professionals.
  • Assist companies in identifying black-hat SEO Spamming tactics utilised by SEO Professionals and to report such practices to the respective search engines.
  • Provide a directory of certified and/or non-certified SEO Professionals and SEO Companies who have agreed to practice within the SEO Code of Ethics and best practice guidelines.
  • Establish an open networking forum to enable companies to make more informed decisions regarding SEO services.
  • Encourage the creation of a shared knowledge center for the search engine marketing industry.
  • Support the development of the SEO industry through promoting certifications, skills development, training, conferences and seminars adopting SEO best practice techniques.
  • Promoting job and career opportunities withglobally for the Search Engine Optimisation Profession.
  • To increase the quality of available skills within the Search Engine Optimisation Profession globally.

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