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Companies using the services of any SEO Professional or Company listed on our website do so at their own risk. We encourage you to read the SEOPSA disclaimer should you wish to make contact with any of the listed SEO Professionals below. The members listed below have provided evidence of having completed a third-party SEO Certification and have voluntarily agreed to practice in accordance with the SEOPSA’s recommended SEO Code of Ethics. Should you feel that one of the members listed below are in violation of the best practice guidelines, then we encourage you to report this to the SEOPSA.

Directory Listings

Brett Dovey


Digital & Social Media Consultant

Sensible Designs

081 708 8120

Enrico Leigh

SEO Professional

ESA Online

079 818 4317

John May

SEO Professional

011 764 2687

Marelise Gilbert

SEO Professional


082 825 0510

Dion Stephens

SEO Professional


071 326 5395

Peter Muller

SEO Professionals


011 875 2058

Yosheen Govender

SEO Professional

Imperial Logistics

083 420 8246

Nazir Adams

SEO Professional

Amy Heath

SEO Professional

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